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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

How to root a Chinese smartphone easily?

Today i´ll Show you how to root your chinese Smartphone.

You Need:

Windows drivers Installation file

these drivers work with XP, and possibily with earlier Windows Versions

First action: activate USB DEBUGGING mode.

a) Download and install SHUAME Software

it's in chinese, but the install is straight forward.. next, etc.

b) Connect USB cable to the phone. Shuame will detect UMI X1, and you'll see a copy of your screen on the Computer

d) On next screen, click on the "blue" button to initiate the process. Phone will restart several times until finished

NOTICE: to un-root, just click the "root" button on the right (with the $ instead of the #)

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In the next Videos i´ll Show you how to do a full android backup and install a custom Rom.


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