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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Letv Le 1s hands on, Antutu, Camera, battery full review from Geekbuying

Letv has just launched a 5.5-inch higher-end mobile Le 1s in, both in volume and appearance has a lot of progress. Specifications with a 5.5-inch screen (1920x1080) with eight processor MTK 2.2GHz Helio X10 64bit, ROM 32GB and Ram 3GB memory, equipped with 5 million front camera and 13 million as the back camera, battery capacity is 3000mAh, and running Android 5.0.2 and EUI 5.5 systems. This small series in person in Beijing to start to try this next-generation Super phone.

Le 1s integrated body design, the fuselage on the radio microphone and camera lens set is modelled on balance.

Screen ultra thin border design is also used, although Le 1s with a 5.5-inch screen, with 5-inch screen phone similar in size.
Le 1s is a dual SIM phone, two card slots support 4G network.
Aluthough letv le 1s is not the flagship phones,  also has fingerprint readers as Le Max , but this generation of the fingerprint reader to unlock more sensitive response than previous generations.
Le 1s equipped with fingerprint recognition, after the user sets up the fingerprint, just put his finger on the fingerprint reader, the screen will automatically turn on. In addition, the fingerprint capture functionality is the fingerprint reader into a shutter button, users turn on camera after a fingerprint reader can make the shutter key.
13MP Camera like F2.0 lens, ISO Cell sensitive components same as Galaxy S6
Body thickness is only 7.5mm
Still using USB Type-C 3.1, and fast charge technology! In addition, part of the fuselage with speakers
3.5mm headphones in the top part
Television keys and volume plus or minus keys on the right side of the fuselage
Systems, using the latest EUI 5.5 system
In the mirror there are variety of situation model of the software for users to choose
Le 1s 4K shooting
EUi 5.5 shortcut key to open with other Android phones vary, users just press the buttons on the left will be opened easily.Opens and you can set their own shortcuts in one picture, music player and cleanup functions
In addition to the application interface, Letv video interface, and provides powerful Letv content


Film entertainment phone needs is a rich color and smooth image, so you can see in the set TV plus 1S have set for image enhancement, similar to the film features of the Sony Bravia.
Older, need larger interface? Letv 1S are not just general phone even magnify words, some appropriate changes to zoom like iPhone, no picture appears endearingly.
I looked up the system information, TV plus 1S remained on the Android 5.0 level and system versions of the EUI the EUI 5.5 is the latest, but due to informal sales version in the hands of, the system should not be authentic, just ....
32GB ROM, actual available after boot is 24.62GB, because the system ROM 4.5GB, prove letv 1S is by no means "food".
3GB RAM, then started up about 1.3GB can be used. This is possible.
If you press the "most recently used programs" (Recent App) keys, different from ordinary phones are commonly used Quick App shortcuts will appear as 1S, Music Player Control Panel, fast set set, and so on. Excellent in all.
"Fingerprint" is TV plus 1S new fingerprint recognition, and unlock the reaction just 0.15 seconds
Letv 1S results
Taken by interface see, letv 1S does not seem to be too many fancy design, function or solid-bashing. Photos the maximum pixels for 13 million pixels.
Support the ability to display special effects when shooting, users can preview before they are shot.
While filming for up to 4K videos.
Support if slow motion video twice times and 4 times in two sets.
Shooting proofs:
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