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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

What's the difference between Xiaomi miband 1s pulse light version and Xiaomi mi band

As the chain's most successful product, Xiaomi mi band 1s pulse was soon welcomed by many fans overseas and the domestic. Discussing on the reason of course, in addition to its excellent design, motion step counter, phone calls reminding, mobile phone unlocking function  are the most commonly used, the 30-day standby feature is to let everyone fall in love with this little intellectual products. A year passed, as an intelligent hardware you and almost everyone, will have a significant change? The answer is: Yes.

Add the heart rate monitor function
First of all, Xiaomi mi band 1s pulse bracelet light Edition adds heart rate monitoring function which people need most.

Real time heart rate monitoring is to the key factor to value aerobic/anaerobic exercise . Couple with Xiaomi APP running function, XIAOMI MI BAND 1S Pulse bracelet light version is able to monitor your movement, pace, heart rate, and make you manage your exercising state well .
Similarly, the judgment of heart rate for sleeping, is also a very important indicator.*People in shallow sleep/awake/sleep state, the heart rate is changing.*According to the real-time heart rate changes, will be good for monitoring the sleeping state.
Traditional heart rate usually uses electrodes to measure the body's electrical signals, due to extremely weak currents, is vulnerable to interference, and need to be tightly strapped to his body when the heart rate belt wear which is uncomfortable to wear for a long time. Xiaomi miband 1s pulse light edition abandons normal heart rate program, using a photoelectric sensor, so when you wear it, you do not need to tighten their belts like traditional heart rate zone wristband, which greatly improves the comfort of the wrist, suitable for long wearing.
Millet not easy to lose

Xiaomi mi band 1s has the special millet which is not easy to lose.
After lots of people buy it, due to the belt of aging caused the millet often easy to fall, without attention, still and say good-bye to the millet, although mi band 1s is cheap, don't always throw it, so we must resolve this question on the new generation products 
Xiaomi miband 1s light incorporates the latest version of the thermoplastic elastomer material, based on original material ,which shows the elasticity and toughness more, locking more the millet, no matter how you fall, the millet will be firmly locked in the grain tank.*Of course you perform 10 times faster ,the millet will not be lost.

The redesigned charger

Of course, speaking of xiaomi mi band new version, for which I must mention is the redesigned charger

Smaller than the charger of the Xiaomi mi band standard , the most obvious change of the xiaomi miband 1s light version is the USB connection with the millet card slot end, the charger of Xiaomi miband 1s light version adopts a flat connector, bent, folded, placed more conveniently.

we have also been optimized again, with Card slot locations with a millet, slots significantly reduce to the original one-second, but locking the slot of the millet behind the optimization of millet to strengthen and we have perfectly improved the charger gradually. 

But what we need to remind you is that this light version is unable to use standard charger for charging operation.So we still have to take good care of our brand new charger.

After the above introduction, do you already know the unique Xiaomi mi band 1s pulse light version, Of course, if you have strict demands on one's own body, and heart rate monitor, this xiaomi mi band 1s pulse is absolutely essential to the core functionality and if you hesitated in the design and price, then a Xiaomi miband 1s pulse can help you solve your problem.

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