Tronsmart Gift Fool's Day

Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016 Tronsmart Seckill at $6 and Buy Xiaomi Mi Scooter, get two free gifts

As is known to us that it’s the last day of this year, we will come into the next new year, 2016. We Geekbuying will spend the last night with you this year, and greet the new year, 2016. Now we have prepared two nice promotion for you. One is tronsmart seckill at $6 every day from Dec. 31 to Jan. 6. This is the flash sale at the certain time in the limited quantity. 
Today it will begin at 18:00p.m. [GMT+8] Beijing time 
Check here:

Second, it’s about the outdoor sports flash sale, you can buy xiaomi mi scooter, and get a free xiaomi yi action camera and a smart watch. Of course, we can provide more.
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$10 Coupon for Ulefone Power Smartphone 6050mAh Battery and Touch ID

Featuring a 6050mAh super-capacity battery, the 5.5-inch Ulefone Power is officially announced today. Since we learned this name for the first time, half a year has passed. So what kind of a device has taken Ulefone so long to make? Will it be a rival of the USD390 Kionee M5 Plus?

The highlighted 6050mAh battery, packing the Sony li-polymer cell, is supposed to last 4 days for light use on a single charge. A 9V/2~3A charger that adopts the Pump Express Plus technology will be able to fill up the battery in 2 hours and 5-minute charge is said to support 2 hours of calling. Travelers may activate the energy saving mode on Ulefone Power for longer use and they can even make the phone to charge other devices when necessary.

Given such big a battery, we can only pray the Power will not be too thick or heavy like a brick. Fortunately, 9.5mm thickness plus 190g weight sounds not frustrating at all. And a slightly curved back is expected to offer more comfort to the palm.
watch the video introduction first:

Claiming “no compromise in aesthetics”, Ulefone has followed their conventional designing language to use the 2.5D Corning Gorilla 3 glass, solid metal frame and “halo” touch buttons on Ulefone Power. Color-wise, users can choose among three versions, white, dark blue, and white with wooden back cover. Since its battery is non-removable, Ulefone Power has adopted a side-way SIM tray which can house dual SIM cards or one SIM plus one micro SD card.

Instead of downgrading other specs to balance the increased cost on battery, Ulefone has decided to make the Power their new flagship. That’s why they have employed popular and proven components like MTK6753 octa-core 64-bit chipset, 5.5-inch AUO 1080P LTPS display, 3GB RAM, Sony IMX214 13MP camera with double flash.

But what makes Ulefone Power special is some extra functions. The fingerprint scanner enables five finger IDs with each for a specific purpose, such as unlocking, shutter, and app starter. With infrared emitter and a pre-installed remote control app, Ulefone Power can serve as the remote controller of over 3,000 home appliances. And a smart key near the power button is able to start the camera or voice recorder by clicking or holding, respectively.

Ulefone will start to ship Ulefone Power from January 10, 2016 with Android 5.1 pre-installed. In February, Ulefone Power will come with Android 6.0 and existing users will be able to experience the new software by upgrading.

Now We Geekbuying have released it, you can enjoy $10 Coupon code: 10USDPOWER . So are you ready to try this Ulefone Power with strong 6050mAh battery.

New Arrival! Chuwi HI12 Windows 10 Tablet PC RAM 4GB ROM 64GB Tablet PC in presale

Now i introduce you the other nice and high-end tablet pc Chuwi HI12, which is the latest windows 10 OS tablet with RAM 4GB ROM 64GB, powered by Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 Quad core chipset. So which one will you choose between Chuwi HI12 and Chuwi HI10? 

Check Chuwi HI12 main features: 
Operating system:*Windows10 OS
Display:*12 Inch 2160*1440 IPS Capacitive touch screen
CPU:*14nm Intel ATOM Cherry-Trail Z8300 64 bit Quad Core 1.84GHz
Storage:*4GB RAM + 64GB ROM, TF card 64GB max
Dual cameras:*Front 2.0MP+ Rear 5.0MP
Functions:*Support Bluetooth/OTG/WiFi/HDMI functions
Large battery:*10000mAh

In all, Chuwi hi12 will be the next flagship of Chuwi tablet. Are you looking forward to having a try this nice tablet pc?

Top Brand Quadcopter Year End SALE to Greet 2016

1) Hubsan X4 Camera Plus H107C+ 2.4G RC Quadcopter with 720P Camera RTF
SP: $83.99 
2) Hubsan X4 H107C 4CH RC Quadcopter 2.4G 6 Axis Gryo 2.0MP Camera RTF 
sp: $57.99
3) Hubsan FPV X4 Plus H107D+ 720P RC Quadcopter with LED RTF

SP: $169.99
Check more: JJRC, Syma, Hubsan Top Brand Sale

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

UMI ROME X will kill Doogee X5 to become the cheapest full metal 3G phone

UMI recently is ready to prepare the latest model, UMI ROME X since last model UMI ROME. 

As usual UMi are making some rather bold claims about the new phone, and say that the $49.99 UMi Rome X will be the cheapest full metal 3G smartphone available, we just home they mean ‘most affordable’ and not ‘cheapest’ in every respect of the word.

UMI ROME X is powered by mtk6580 chipset with RAM 1GB, And it uses 5.5-inch HD display, 2.5D glass panel, and it should have ROM 8GB. 

Moreover, it can support 3G network. Most importantly, UMI ROME X will be sold at $49.99 to be the most competitive smartphone among others such as Doogee X5. Therefore, will this Umi ROME X  can be the best rival of Doogee X5 ? And will it sell at $49.99?

How to overclock your Geekbox or other RK3368 based products

Hi, here is a guidance for some forks who want to overclock for their Geekbox or other RK3368 based products.

1. Add the support for higher cpu frequency, follow commit for reference:

diff --git a/drivers/clk/rockchip/clk-pll.c b/drivers/clk/rockchip/clk-pll.c
index 325eb2c..7284bae 100755
--- a/drivers/clk/rockchip/clk-pll.c
+++ b/drivers/clk/rockchip/clk-pll.c
@@ -239,6 +239,16 @@ static const struct pll_clk_set rk312xplus_pll_com_table[] = {

static const struct apll_clk_set rk3368_apllb_table[] = {
/*(_mhz, nr, nf, no, aclkm, atclk, pclk_dbg)*/
+ _RK3368_APLL_SET_CLKS(1992, 1, 83, 1, 2, 6, 6),
+ _RK3368_APLL_SET_CLKS(1944, 1, 81, 1, 2, 6, 6),
+ _RK3368_APLL_SET_CLKS(1896, 1, 79, 1, 2, 6, 6),
+ _RK3368_APLL_SET_CLKS(1848, 1, 77, 1, 2, 6, 6),
+ _RK3368_APLL_SET_CLKS(1800, 1, 75, 1, 2, 6, 6),
+ _RK3368_APLL_SET_CLKS(1752, 1, 73, 1, 2, 6, 6),
+ _RK3368_APLL_SET_CLKS(1704, 1, 71, 1, 2, 6, 6),
+ _RK3368_APLL_SET_CLKS(1656, 1, 69, 1, 2, 6, 6),
+ #endif
_RK3368_APLL_SET_CLKS(1608, 1, 67, 1, 2, 6, 6),
_RK3368_APLL_SET_CLKS(1560, 1, 65, 1, 2, 6, 6),
_RK3368_APLL_SET_CLKS(1512, 1, 63, 1, 2, 6, 6),
@@ -285,6 +295,16 @@ static const struct apll_clk_set rk3368_apllb_table[] = {

static const struct apll_clk_set rk3368_aplll_table[] = {
/*(_mhz, nr, nf, no, aclkm, atclk, pclk_dbg)*/
+ _RK3368_APLL_SET_CLKS(1992, 1, 83, 1, 2, 7, 7),
+ _RK3368_APLL_SET_CLKS(1944, 1, 81, 1, 2, 7, 7),
+ _RK3368_APLL_SET_CLKS(1896, 1, 79, 1, 2, 7, 7),
+ _RK3368_APLL_SET_CLKS(1848, 1, 77, 1, 2, 7, 7),
+ _RK3368_APLL_SET_CLKS(1800, 1, 75, 1, 2, 7, 7),
+ _RK3368_APLL_SET_CLKS(1752, 1, 73, 1, 2, 7, 7),
+ _RK3368_APLL_SET_CLKS(1704, 1, 71, 1, 2, 7, 7),
+ _RK3368_APLL_SET_CLKS(1656, 1, 69, 1, 2, 7, 7),
+ #endif
_RK3368_APLL_SET_CLKS(1608, 1, 67, 1, 2, 7, 7),
_RK3368_APLL_SET_CLKS(1560, 1, 65, 1, 2, 7, 7),
_RK3368_APLL_SET_CLKS(1512, 1, 63, 1, 2, 7, 7),
diff --git a/geekbox/Kconfig b/geekbox/Kconfig
index d2746bb3..e6aba1e 100644
--- a/geekbox/Kconfig
+++ b/geekbox/Kconfig
@@ -4,5 +4,9 @@ menu "Geekbox Platform Options"
bool "Ubuntu or other Linux Distros support"
default n

+ bool "Overclock support"
+ default n


We have pushed the commit to our Github:

2. make a configuration to enable: CONFIG_GEEKBOX_OVERCLOCK

3. setup the frequency & voltage table with your wanna value.
Following for your reference(in my case i just overclock to 1.85GHz):

file path: arch/arm64/boot/dts/geekbox.dts
&clk_core_b_dvfs_table {
operating-points = <
/* KHz uV */
//216000 950000
312000 950000
408000 950000
600000 975000
696000 975000
816000 1000000
1008000 1100000
1200000 1175000
1416000 1300000
1488000 1325000
1608000 1375000
1752000 1400000
1848000 1425000
status = "okay";

&clk_core_l_dvfs_table {
operating-points = <
/* KHz uV */
//216000 950000
312000 950000
408000 950000
600000 950000
696000 975000
816000 1050000
1008000 1100000
1200000 1250000
1392000 1300000
status = "okay";

1. higher frequency need match a higher voltage supply.
2. the PMIC of Geekbox is RK808, and the highest voltage output for CPU supply is 1.50V
3. a cooling fan is recommended for a better heat dissipation:

one of the capture information(1.84GHz):

shell@rk3368_box:/ $ cat /sys/kernel/debug/clk/clk_summary | grep core
clk_pvtm_core 0 0 24000000
clk_hevc_core 1 1 288000000
clk_core_l 0 0 600000000
atclk_core_l 0 0 200000000
aclkm_core_l 0 0 300000000
clk_core_b 0 0 1848000000
atclk_core_b 0 0 308000000
aclkm_core_b 0 0 924000000
shell@rk3368_box:/ $

Sceenshots for references:
1. Antutu v6.0 Benchmark(Test at 1.85GHz):
The attachment geekbox_overclock_scores.png is no longer available

2. core information(Test at 1.85GHz):
The attachment geekbox_overclock_1848MHz.png is no longer available

geekbox_overclock_scores.png (63.22 KiB) Viewed 43 times


Top 5 Latest TV BOX at the nice budget Price from Geekbuying

Recently, Android TV BOX is quite popular on the market. Many users are confused to choose which one to become the best partner of their TV. Therefore, i will introduce this three TV box which is newly released and enjoy a nice price. 

Top 1 MXQ Pro 

MXQ Pro 4K Ultra HD KODI Android 5.1 Lollipop TV Box 64bit Amlogic S905 Quad Core H.265 Hardware Decoding
Check here: MXQ Pro
SP: $40

Top 2 MXQ Pro Quick Play Amlogic S905 TV BOX

MXQ Pro Quick Play Amlogic S905 2K*4K TV BOX 1G/8G WIFI Gigabit LAN Bluetooth 4.0 KODI HDMI H.265

Check here: MXQ Pro S905 TV BOX
SP: $41.5

Top 3 : ZIDOO X5 

ZIDOO X5 Android 5.1 Lollipop S905 TV Box 4K*2K H.265 10-bit HEVC HDMI 2.0@60hz
Check here: Zidoo X5
SP: $59

TOP 4: Rikomagic RKM MK36S 

Rikomagic RKM MK36S Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 64bit MINI PC Windows10 2G/32G 2.4G/5G Dual Band WIFI LAN Bluetooth 4.0 HDMI 1080P

Check here: Rikomagic RKM MK36S 
SP: $129.99

ZIDOO X6 Pro Android 5.1 Lollipop TV Box RK3368 Octa Core Cortex-A53 2G/16G 1000M LAN Dual Band WIF HDMI 2.0 4K*2K H.265 KODI 3D
Check here: Zidoo X6 Pro
SP: $109

New Arrival! Huawei Honor 5X Smartphone with Fingerprint ID comes now

Huawei has released its cheap budget smartphone, Huawei Honor 5X, which can support fingerprint scanner, and run Snapdragan 615 Octa core chipset. Most importantly, it is very affordable compared with other Huawei smartphones. 

It's built around a 5.5" 1080p display and under the hood is a Snapdragon 615 chip with a 64-bit quad-core 1.7 GHz Cortex A53 and quad-core 1.2 GHz A53 cores, plus Adreno 405 GPU. Internal storage is 16GB on board, expandable via the microSD card slot. Two variants different RAM configurations - 2GB and 3GB. Right now we have released the RAM 3GB version. 
At the back, the Huawei Honor 5X sports a fingerprint sensor built on Huawei's latest sensor tech that allows you to unlock the device in just 0.4s. Above it is a 13MP camera with dual LED flash, joined by a 5MP selfie snapper at the front.
Check Huawei Honor 5X Main features here:

5.5 inch OGS IPS touchscreen,1920x1080 pixels
CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 Octa Core, 64-bit, 1.5GHz GPU: Adreno 405
EMUI 3.1 (Based on Android 5.1)
Dual nano SIM Card Dual Standby
13.0MP back camera and 5.0MP front camera,with flashlight and auto focus
Networking: 2G: GSM 900/1800/1900MHz
3G: WCDMA 900/2100MHz 4G: FDD LTE B1/B3 (1800/2100MHz)

Chinese Brand Phone Clearance Sale or Flash deal

We Geekbuying have held the year end clearance sale for brand smartphones like Doogee, Leagoo, lenovo ,Elephone, Cubot , Landvo, etc. 
You can get these brand smartphones and accessories at the best time now. 
Active time: Dec. 30--Jan 9, 2015
Beginning time: Each Brand Flash sale in different time, such as Doogee smartphone begins at 3:00p.m. [GMT+8] Beijing time, 
Leagoo smartphone begins at 4:00p.m. [GMT+8] Beijing time
Lenovo smartphone begins at 5:00p.m. [GMT+8] Beijing time
Elephone smartphone begins at 6:00p.m. [GMT+8] Beijing time
Cubot Smartphone begins at 7:00p.m [GMT+8]Beijing time
Note: It’s flash sale in limited time with limited stock.

Check here: Chinese Brand Phone Flash Sale

Haier Iron Smart Watch Hands on, Design, Performance, Battery Review

Right now i heard a famous brand, Haier has released its first smart watch, Haier iron. First, i like the design, when i get it and wear it. It looks amazing with the mini and fashion size. Then i have tested it well about some features like heart rate function, bluetooth calling, pictures viewing, sending messages, and music playing, etc. I will share the review of Haier iron with you. So have you heard of this smart watch?


Haier Iron is a smartwatch with 240 x 240 resolution IPS screen, with its 2.5D Gorilla Glass protection and 1.54inch screen size which brings me nice impression at the first sight. It can be easier to wear and operate. The screen resolution looks clearly very much. What’s more ,the touch sense is very responsive and sharp.When i use my fingers to touch gently, it gets into the application very quickly. This kind of touch sense is the one which makes me very impressive. If you have a try, you can share with me, too. 

Hardware: High performance MTK2502C CPU

The smart watch , Haier Iron has high performance which is powered by MTK2502C CPU, which can run the smart watch very fluently and fast. As you know, most wearable devices right now use this kind of processor. Haier Iron have a latest MTK2502C processor with bigger memory, it runs 80% faster and spends 20% less power.It shows it is very stable and fluent to put this processor into the smart watch. Believe or not, you can have a try to witness. 

Other features: 

Some significant features of this smart watch are:
Intimate fitness trainer: It will record every step that we take, reward us with achievements for our records, reward us for slack and it will remind us how great we are when we make some progress.
Ultra Precision Heart Rate Monitor: Built-t heart rate sensor, through the sensor test the smart watch can detect human signal and by that it will output our heart beat with high accuracy measurement results.
Haier Iron Photographer: Camera can be synchronized with the mobile phone through Bluetooth.
Bluetooth Calling: Phonebook, Call log sync, Call reminder, Answering and Dialing.
Messaging: Message reminder together with Message checking.
Health Tracker: Pedometer, Sedentary reminder, heart rate and sleep monitor
Remote Control: Camera and music remote
Notification: YES
Find my phone option: YE
Other functions are Voice Recorder, Alarm, Stopwatch, Calendar and Calculator.
Groups of alarm: 5 sets

In all, it can support the functions such as pedometer, phone book,calls reminding, music player, anti-lost alert, sleep monitoring, camera remote, call answer, find phone, sync SMS, sedentary reminder, sync Email, etc
Ultra precision HRM heart rate monitor, which are the useful features that i need when i go out for sports.

Camera function

This smartwatch features its brand with super great quality. It supports dual mode heart rate monitoring. A built-in 0.3MP Camera for selfie requirements and the taken pictures can be both read on the watch or sent to your smartphone via bluetooth. It compact with both Android phone and IOS phones prefectly.

Supports multi-language operation

Haier iron can support multi language to fit in our local one such as English, German, French, Spanish, Italy, Russian, Portuguese, Deutsch, Polski, Bahasa Indonesia, Suomi, Tüe, Arabic, Turkish, Swedish. I don’t have to worry about the language barrier now. 


Haier Iron smart watch is said to be with 380mAh Polymer lithium-ion battery Which can reduce the power consumption. It can support long time such as 72hour standby time and 8hour continuous calling time . 


• 1x Haier Iron Smart Watch
• 1x USB Cable
• 1x Chinese and English Manual

Connection: Valid for IOS and Android OS

Haier Iron Smart watch can connect with both Android and IOS smartphone perfectly. It can sync SMS and calls instantly, but also It can sync SMS and Calls instantly, but also, it will synchronize our heart rate and physical activity to our phone so we can keep the track of our physical condition and make adjustments accordingly.So this smart watch can connect your IOS smartphone or Android smartphone, too. It’s very powerful right now.

Final thought:

Haier Iron is a nice smart watch with 1.54" LCD touch screen with 240*240 resolution. Although it’s very tiny, the performance is very powerful for pedometer, phone book,calls reminding, music player, anti-lost alert, sleep monitoring, camera remote, call answer, find phone, sync SMS, sedentary reminder, sync Email, etc. Therefore, if you are looking for a nice smart watch, why not choose this Haier Iron smart watch?
Any idea to share with me?

Chuwi ebook Stylus Hands on, Hardware, System, Camera, Battery Tablet PC review

Right now i would like to share Chuwi Ebook to you for review. It arrived yesterday, this is the large tablet pc for me with 10.1inch screen size. When i get it first on my hands, it is a little heavy, compared with the Chuwi HI10 or Chuwi VI8 Plus tablet PC. It weighs 750g in terms of its net weight. Although it’s not so slim, i still want to share what i think of this tablet pc.


Chuwi Ebook has a unique feature that it comes with a stylus pen, which can write what you want freely and fluently. What’s more, the overall design is exquisite and trendy. Its length is 261.7mm, width 175mm, and the height 10.9mm. It sports by 10.1inch HD IPS screen with electromagnetic touch screen and 1280*800 pixel screen resolution. To be frank, i don’t really like 10inch tablet pc like this one, it really seems clumsy and heavy. For me, it’s a little big, for others, i guess it’s ok. After all, it’s special useful for those businessmen for working. What do you think of this design.


Chuwi Ebook is proud of its processor with Intel Atom Z3736F Quad core 2.16GHz max CPU, which means saving more power and run the OS much faster. Especially when i play the game of Crossing fire, the overall performance behaves so excellent and swift. After all, Intel chipset seems excellent. Namely, it can let me have a nice experience to play games and operate to work.
Moreover, it can have RAM 2GB ROM 32GB and it can support expanding the storage to 64GB, which can help me store more useful files, especially those video, music, games, etc. And RAM 2GB enables me to run these programs at the same time without any barrier. It still runs smoothly.

Dual Cameras

Chuwi Ebook supports Front 2.0MP camera and Rear 5.0MP OV cameras with Autofoucs function. It has better dual cameras than that of chuwi hi10. I have a try to use this tablet pc to do video chatting and take selfies. It shows clearly i think, but not so clear video quality.
And the back camera has 5.0MP to take pictures well. But in general, i don’t like to use a heavy tablet pc to take pictures. I think it’s a little clumsy. But i would like to use a smartphone to have a try. So how about you? Do you like using a tablet PC to take photos in your life and work?

Support Bluetooth/OTG/WiFi/HDMI functions and a useful stylus pen+ Windows OS

I am also very satisfied with the function, and the unique stylus pen. Chuwi Ebook can support Bluetooth to transfer the data, OTG, HDMI function, which can connect our TV to enjoy windows OS in a smart tv. It can also let me get away from the converter cable troubles. So which function is the most useful for you?

In addition, Chuwi Ebook is equipped with an original HanWang ES4 pen, which is only 2.9g light, no need battery power. It’s easy to use or touch the screen without using hands.
Next, Chuwi Ebook is different from the common ones which supports Windows 8.1 OS, i can enjoy the efficient and convenient OS like a computer now. I also want to get a keyboard to become Chuwi Ebook into a real PC. If you have done it, just don’t forget to share it with me.


Chuwi Ebook has 8000mAh battery, the charging speed quickens 10%, and it has added 20% capacity then the normal batteries, i guess that’s the real reason it shows very heavier for me. It can support 5h web browsing, 4h video watching, 300h long standby time. The durable battery is also the real reason that makes me love this tablet pc.


Chuwi Ebook is a nice 10.1inch Windows8.1 Tablet PC with a light but powerful stylus pen, and the EM touch screen and screen of 1280*800 resolution have let this tablet is much different from other common tablet pcs. The overall performance made me impress deeply. So what do you think of Chuwi Ebook?

Monday, December 28, 2015

Chuwi VI8 Plus Tablet PC with USB Type C Coupon For Flash Sale!

We Geekbuying have released Chuwi VI8 plus and it’s in stock now. We have created the coupon for you. Here are the $4 Coupon Code: CHUWIVI8, for the first 100pcs. First come, first serve. 
Read Review here: Chuwi VI8 Plus review
Watch video review: Chuwi VI8 Plus Video Review

Teclast X10H 10.1inch 32GB Tablet PC HDMI Intel Z3735F Quad core

Right now we Geekbuying have released Teclast X10H tablet pc which is the latest 10inch tablet PC of Teclast It’s powered by Intel Z3735F quad core processor, and it has 10.1 inch HD screen. Compared with Chuwi VI8 Plus, this Teclast X10H is quite bigger with 10.1inch. And it runs Android5.0 Lollipop OS. It has RAM 2GB ROM 32GB internal storage. Moreover, it can support 64GB TF Card to expand the storage. And it has front 0.3MP camera and rear 2.0MPcamera. 
And it can also support OTA upgrading and HDMI port. 

Check Teclast X10H Main features:
Operating system:*Android 5.0 Lollipop OS
Display:*10.1 inch 1280*800, 10 points IPS Retina capacitive touch screen
CPU:*Intel Atom Baytrail-T Z3735F Quad-core 1.83GHz
Storage:*2GB DDR3 RAM + 32GB eMMC ROM, support TF card 64GB max
Cameras:*Front 0.3MP + Rear 2.0MP with AF
Functions:*Support Bluetooth 4.0/HDMI/WiDi/WiFi functions
Support OTA upgrade

According to the short specs introduction, you can see Teclast X10H is a good choice to compare with ipad Air. And the dual camera also are good helpers to take nice pictures about our life and work. So do you like this nice Teclast X10H tablet pc?

Jide Remix OS Mini Box HDMI 1080P TV box Review

Have you heard Jide Remix OS mini TV BOX? We Geekbuying have it in stock. And this is the world first true Android PC, it allows you to work and play with entire Android App ecosystem while taking full advantage of intuitive pc features such as taskbar, multi-window tasking, mouse and keyboard support, etc. 

Size Matters: 
But not in the traditional PC sense. While everyone else is spending top dollar for the latest and greatest hardware specs just to check their email and watch Youtube videos, we realized that there’s SO much more to creating a great PC. Through its carefully engineered optimization of hardware and software, Remix Mini is able to undeniably live up to its motto:
less can be more.
64-bits of effortless.
Remix Mini is powered by the latest 64-bit chipset and delivers up to 20-30% better performance than its 32-bit counterparts. At the core of what makes this so special is actually what Remix Mini doesn’t need you to do. You will never have to worry about whether you’re installing the right bit version ever again. With Android, it all just works.
The power of touch.
The Remix Mini features a capacitive touch power button unlike any PC of its kind. Rather than awkwardly feeling around the back panel for that elusive power button, just gently tap the top of your Mini. Within seconds you’ll be able to start doing what you need to do.
Stay connected. In every way.
Even at its small size, Remix Mini comes equipped with everything you need in order to stay connected: WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, and USB.
All of these options gives Remix Mini an unprecedented level of versatility in a variety of scenarios.

Your Mini. Your choice.
To whom much is given, much is expected. Remix Mini comes in two versions. Both run Remix OS smoothly, but vary depending on how you plan on using your Mini.

As a home media center, the 1G RAM + 8 GB storage gives you more than what you need to stream and download that blockbuster movie you’ve been dying to see. Now, if you’re looking for something with a bit more kick and productivity in mind, we highly recommend the 2G RAM + 16GB storage version. No matter what you decide, the choice will quite literally be in your hands.

Remix OS. Android re-engineered for PC.

At the core of the Remix Mini is our custom engineered version of Android Lollipop - Remix OS. Our state of the art operating system is the cornerstone to all of our hardware. With its multitude of productivity oriented features combined with over 1.5 million apps, Remix OS seamlessly merges functionality, ease of use, and beauty in amazing ways to give you an unforgettable Android experience. 
Check Jide Remix Mini BOX main features:
Remix OS 2.0, Android 5.1
Allwinner H64 1.2GHz quad-core cortex A53 (64-bit)
ARM Mali400MP2 GPU, Support OpenGL ES2.0/OpenVG1.1
802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi wireless networking compatible
Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology
Support H.265 4K@30fps hardware decoding
1080P HDMI output

Therefore, this Jide Remix Mini TV Box can let you enjoy nice Android system to work and play freely. Right now we have started to sell it in HK stock, you can have a try this mini TV Box now!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Xiaomi Redmi 3 has been confirmed to release to support All Network Band

Right now, According to the latest news of the official Authority, Xiaomi is ready to release the Xiaomi Redmi 3 with 5inch 720p screen, 
What’s more, Xiaomi Redmi 3 will be powered by Octa core 1.5GHz processor, (we guess it will be with Snapdragon 615 or MTK6753 chipset). It will be with RAM 2GB and ROM 16GB to support expanding to 32GB storage, And the front camera is 5MP and the back camera is 13MP. 
I am very looking forward when this Xiaomi Redmi 3 comes. But it’s said it will come in the early 2016. So what do you think this smartphone, Xiaomi Redmi 3?

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 will come with All network band

Besides Xiaomi Redmi 3, the tech authority has also confirmed the new Xiaomi smartphone, Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 All network Band. Why we say it’s the new Xiaomi phone, this smartphone has the same design as Redmi Note 3, and the back is the metal meterial, it can supports fingerprint scanner, and it also has 5.5inch 1080p screen . Most importantly, it can support GSM, CDMA, TD-SCDMA, TD-LTE, LTE FDD, WCDMA, CDMA 2000 network band, which means the all network band. 
But this smartphone is different from the previous Xiaomi Redmi note 3 in terms of the processor, this new smartphone is powered by Snapdragon 808 1.8ghz Hexa core processor, and the camera has also changed to 16MP. It has RAM 2GB, and 4000mAh battery, the front camera is 8MP. Some netizens said it may be the Xiaomi Mi4c Metal version.
Therefore, the specs has been improved compared with the last Xiaomi Redmi note 3, the price will be higher than that of Redmi note 3. 
Just guess how much it will be. 

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Chuwi HI10 Unboxing, Hands on, Performance, CPU, Camera, Battery Review

Today i would like to share the review about Chuwi HI10 with you. This is the high-end tablet PC with RAM 4GB ROM 64GB. Right now the RAM 4GB tablet pc is very rare among Chinese tablet pcs, most users are attracted by this nice and wonderful tablet pc with high performance. I am glad to share with you the review. 

Check the Chuwi HI10 video review here:

Check the main features of Chuwi HI10:
Operating system: Windows10 OS
Display:10 Inch 1920*1200 Capacitive touch screen
CPU:14nm Intel ATOM x5 Cherry-Trail Z8300 64 bit Quad Core 1.84GHz
Storage:4GB RAM + 64GB ROM, support T-FLASH 128GB max
Dual cameras:Front 2.0MP+ Rear 2.0MP
Functions:Support Bluetooth/OTG/WiFi/HDMI functions

Design and Build

When i got the Chuwi Hi10 tablet pc on my hands, it is really different from Chuwi VI8 plus, due to the larger than Chuwi Vi8 Plus. What’s more, the dimension of Chuwi HI10 has the length 257.5mm, the length 170.8mm and the height 9.9mm, the total weight is 553g, therefore, it still shows very light for most tablet pcs. It comes with 10 Inch 1920*1200 Capacitive touch screen, some users like the smaller size like 8inch, 9inch, but i am into the larger size like Chuwi HI10 with 10inch. Because I can use it to watch TV, movies, and play games more clearly and conveniently. I don’t know if you have the same feeling as me. If i utilize little tablet pc to watch TV or play games, i feel very uneasy, which has restricted me to know more from the TV Plays. 
Second, Chuwi HI10 also have a original keyboard to let this tablet pc become a PC, namely, a 2 in 1 ultimate tablet pc of the year. I can use this tablet pc to do office work freely with the keyboard. 
And the 10inch tablet pc has up to 224PPI sharpness, the screen shows more vivid and bright, which let me feel very satisfied. 

CPU and Performance
Chuwi HI10 is powered by the latest Intel ATOM X5 Cherry Trail Z8300 64bit Quad Core 1.84GHz processor, which improves the overall performance better, Intel 14nm craft raises 50% performance than 22nm craft. As you know, Intel chip save more power, more power consumption, and higher efficiency. Chuwi HI10’s hardware has shown the perfect speed to play. 
Moreover, it has HD graphics Gen 8 CPU, 12 Core EU units, multiple performance, and it has RAM 4GB ROM 64GB internal storage, doubled the traditional tablet PC in view of the game testing. I have tried the games like <<League of legends>>, << Cross fire>>, <<Warcraft>>, it shows very vivid and real, i am stunned by this nice tablet pc. RAM 4GB behaves very fast speed. 

Dual Camera
Chuwi HI10 this time also uses dual camera with 2.0mp back and front camera like Chuwi VI8 Plus, camera has become more important tool for us to take nice pictures in our life. Front 2.0mp camera is good enough to take pictures or take selfies, but the back 2.0mp camera to some degree is not perfect for me to take the photos about my life. If the main camera improves the pixels, i guess i will use this tablet pc to shoot video or pictures for my life and work. But it’s okay for me to take it as the best partner of playing games, watching tvs. I have my nice smartphone to take the clear pictures. So this kind of element will not affect my love for this tablet pc, Chuwi Hi10.

Useful features
It support bluetooth, OTG, HDMI functions, which will let me use it easier, Chuwi HI10 support USB 3.0 speed, and HDMI port, and online blanking U shield, and mobile hard disk, docking port Gen 3, i can get the fourth port when connecting the keyboard, so the overall speed is quite outstanding. HDMI port is very useful to connect with my tv to enjoy more high quality movies and tv plays. 

Chuwi HI10 has 8,000mAh battery, which is more powerful than Chuwi VI8 plus with 4000mAh battery. When i play the games for 5 hours, there are still much power left. I can normally use for a whole day without charging the tablet pc. In general, i use it to watch TVs. If you don’t believe, you can have a try. 

Windows 10 OS

Most users want to update its tablet PC to Windows 10 OS, but i am glad to tell you that Chuwi HI10 doesn’t have to update, because it has been installed Windows 10 OS. When i use the windows 10 OS, i feel faster speed and better operation to compare with Windows 8 OS. But i need time to adapt to the new OS, after all , I just use Windows 8 before. 

Final Thought
Chuwi HI10 Tablet PC can be the flagship 2in1 tablet PC of this year in view of the performance, the design and the selling price. RAM 4GB, HDMI Port, 8,000mAh battery, Windows 10 OS, Intel ATOM x5 Cherry-Trail Z8300 64 bit Quad Core 1.84GHz CPU, and the price below $200. These nice features make me enjoy this tablet pc more and more. By the way, if you want change it into a PC, you can buy an extra original keyboard for it. Then you can totally hold 2in1 PC now with spending less. What’s idea about it?

Umi Zero 2 smartphone comes with Deca Core Dual Screen to kill Siswoo R9

I have read the latest news from Chinese tech news that UMI is going to release UMI Zero 2 at the end of this year, since the last success of UMI Zero, UMI Zero 2 will also become the next flagship of UMI. The highlights of UMI Zero 2 is the dual screen and Deca core processor. 

According to the previous news about UMI Zero 2, it will be processored with MTK6752 Octa core , right now UMI has updated its latest news that it will come with Deca core and dual screen. UMI has confirmed that it will use Mediatek Helio X20 Deca core processor, and it will come with RAM 4GB and ROM 64GB internal storage. It’s also said that it will have leather case cover with this smartphone. 

How about its screen design? It’s said that it wil have 5.2inch Amoled display. And it will also have 1080k or 2K screen resolution. 
And the official price of this UMI Zero 2 will sell at $299, i guess it will be lower, or it will not kill the Siswoo R9 smartphone. 

Therefore, will this UMI Zero 2 kill Siswoo R9 smartphone which both have dual screen right now?