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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Chuwi ebook Stylus Hands on, Hardware, System, Camera, Battery Tablet PC review

Right now i would like to share Chuwi Ebook to you for review. It arrived yesterday, this is the large tablet pc for me with 10.1inch screen size. When i get it first on my hands, it is a little heavy, compared with the Chuwi HI10 or Chuwi VI8 Plus tablet PC. It weighs 750g in terms of its net weight. Although it’s not so slim, i still want to share what i think of this tablet pc.


Chuwi Ebook has a unique feature that it comes with a stylus pen, which can write what you want freely and fluently. What’s more, the overall design is exquisite and trendy. Its length is 261.7mm, width 175mm, and the height 10.9mm. It sports by 10.1inch HD IPS screen with electromagnetic touch screen and 1280*800 pixel screen resolution. To be frank, i don’t really like 10inch tablet pc like this one, it really seems clumsy and heavy. For me, it’s a little big, for others, i guess it’s ok. After all, it’s special useful for those businessmen for working. What do you think of this design.


Chuwi Ebook is proud of its processor with Intel Atom Z3736F Quad core 2.16GHz max CPU, which means saving more power and run the OS much faster. Especially when i play the game of Crossing fire, the overall performance behaves so excellent and swift. After all, Intel chipset seems excellent. Namely, it can let me have a nice experience to play games and operate to work.
Moreover, it can have RAM 2GB ROM 32GB and it can support expanding the storage to 64GB, which can help me store more useful files, especially those video, music, games, etc. And RAM 2GB enables me to run these programs at the same time without any barrier. It still runs smoothly.

Dual Cameras

Chuwi Ebook supports Front 2.0MP camera and Rear 5.0MP OV cameras with Autofoucs function. It has better dual cameras than that of chuwi hi10. I have a try to use this tablet pc to do video chatting and take selfies. It shows clearly i think, but not so clear video quality.
And the back camera has 5.0MP to take pictures well. But in general, i don’t like to use a heavy tablet pc to take pictures. I think it’s a little clumsy. But i would like to use a smartphone to have a try. So how about you? Do you like using a tablet PC to take photos in your life and work?

Support Bluetooth/OTG/WiFi/HDMI functions and a useful stylus pen+ Windows OS

I am also very satisfied with the function, and the unique stylus pen. Chuwi Ebook can support Bluetooth to transfer the data, OTG, HDMI function, which can connect our TV to enjoy windows OS in a smart tv. It can also let me get away from the converter cable troubles. So which function is the most useful for you?

In addition, Chuwi Ebook is equipped with an original HanWang ES4 pen, which is only 2.9g light, no need battery power. It’s easy to use or touch the screen without using hands.
Next, Chuwi Ebook is different from the common ones which supports Windows 8.1 OS, i can enjoy the efficient and convenient OS like a computer now. I also want to get a keyboard to become Chuwi Ebook into a real PC. If you have done it, just don’t forget to share it with me.


Chuwi Ebook has 8000mAh battery, the charging speed quickens 10%, and it has added 20% capacity then the normal batteries, i guess that’s the real reason it shows very heavier for me. It can support 5h web browsing, 4h video watching, 300h long standby time. The durable battery is also the real reason that makes me love this tablet pc.


Chuwi Ebook is a nice 10.1inch Windows8.1 Tablet PC with a light but powerful stylus pen, and the EM touch screen and screen of 1280*800 resolution have let this tablet is much different from other common tablet pcs. The overall performance made me impress deeply. So what do you think of Chuwi Ebook?

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