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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

FQ777-954 RC Quadcopter is the world’s first nano drone with FPV!

FQ777 is slowly but steadily building a nice arsenal of quadcopter drones. While most of its other drones have been cost effective, the new FQ777-954 adds another dimension (and happens to be the first at it): it’s the world’s first nano quadcopter drone with FPV!
Watch Hands on review here:

Back when the Cheerson CX-10C first came out, it turned heads and what not thanks to it having a camera. The FQ777-954 drone quadcopter goes a step further and adds WiFi FPV!
What does this mean? This means that you can use your Android or iOS smartphone as a screen to view what’s in front of your FQ777-954 quadcopter… and therefore fly it in FPV!

Model: FQ777-954
Size group: Nano
Battery: 150mAh
Camera: 0.3 mega-pixel
Headless mode: To be announced
Other: WiFi FPV
Price at launch: $35.99
FPV is made possible by a 0.3 mega-pixel camera, while everything is powered by a rechargeable 150mAh battery. This gives the FQ777-954 a flight time of around six to 7 minutes.
What’s more, the FQ777-954 FPV quadcopter drone is just $35.99 which sounds like a killer price to pay for a gadget like this one from Geekbuying

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