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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Top 5 Windows 10 OS Tablet PC Worthy to buy in 2016

With the advent of Windows 10, Microsoft has created a versatile operating system exploited by multiple platforms (desktop, smartphone and Tablet).In recent years we have seen a proliferation of tablets running Windows as OS reference 10.*Sometimes some tablets have the dual Os (Android + Windows).
It must be said that these tablets if necessary, can be transformed into true notebooks, by supporting physical keyboards and mouse.
If you're considering buying a*Windows tablet PC, these tablets will plan the best 5 deals that cover the Windows 10 OS Tablet.*These offers are available from site GeekBuying. Keep eyes on most favorable price.

Top 5 : Chuwi VI8 Plus

The Chuwi Vi8 Plus is a great Tablet equipped with Windows 10.*It has a 8 inch and 10 touch points, the processor is an*Intel Z8300 1.84 GHz CPU Quad Core X5 Cherry Trail, the Ram is 2Gb while the 32Gb of internal memory space can be expanded up to 64 Gb.*It has two cameras (front and rear) 2Mpx
Operating system:*Windows10 OS
Display:*8 inch IPS 1280 * 800, 10 point capacitive touch screen
CPU:*1.84 GHz Intel Quad Core CPU Z8300 X5 Cherry Trail
Storage:*2 GB DDR3 RAM + 32 GB eMMC ROM, T-Flash to 64 gigs max
Dual cameras:*front rear 2.0 MP + 2.0 MP
Functions:*Support Bluetooth 4.0/OTG/HDMI/WiFi/Type-C

Top 4 Chuwi HI10

With this Chuwi Hi10 10-inch topside, we have 10 Windows operating system, a processor 14nm Intel Atom x5 64-bit Quad Core Z8300 in Cherry-Trail, 1.44 ~ 1.84 GHz and a GPU HD Graphics 12EU Gen8LP 500 MHz, 4Gb DDR3 Ram, and has a 64 Gb memory (expandable up to 128 Gb thanks to sd card).The battery has a capacity of 8000 mAh which allow an excellent autonomy.

Operating system:Windows10 OS
Display:10 Inch 1920*1200 Capacitive touch screen
CPU:14nm Intel ATOM x5 Cherry-Trail Z8300 64 bit Quad Core 1.84GHz
Storage:4GB RAM + 64GB ROM, support T-FLASH 128GB max
Dual cameras: Front 2.0MP+ Rear 2.0MP
Functions: Support Bluetooth/OTG/WiFi/HDMI functions

Top 3 Teclast X98 Pro 

The third side we have this Teclast X98 Pro, which has the dual operating system, both Windows and Android, the advantage of having two such different systems is remarkable, being able to enjoy a wide range of apps and the benefits of the two OS.*On Windows system we have the latest version (Windows 10) while it runs Android with the latest version (5.1).*Has a screen that verges on the 10 inches (9.7 to be precise) with a good resolution.*The processor is an*Intel*Quad Core Z8500 up to Cherry Trail T4 2.24 GHz, Ram is 4Gb, while the internal memory is 64Gb (with the possibility to expand it up to 64Gb).*The main camera is 5 megapixel camera, the front view is of 2 Mpx.The battery is very powerful, according to the data sheet we 30400 mAh.
Check Highlights:
Windows 10 + Android 5.1 Dual OS*
9.7 Inch IPS 2048*1536 IPS capacitive touch screen
14nm Intel Cherry Trail T4 Z8500 Quad Core up to 2.24GHz
2x64 LPDDR3-1600 4GB RAM + 64GB eMMC ROM
Support Bluetooth 4.0/WiFi/HDMI/WiDi functions
2.0MP Front + 5.0MP Rear dual cameras
Support TF Card extend up to 64GB max*

Top 2 Teclast X16 PRO

Also this Tablet comes with the dual Os.*On the one hand Windows the other 10 5.1 11.6-inch screen, Android has a good resolution (1920 * 1080).*The processor is an*Intel Atom X 7 64 bit*Quad Core 2.4 GHz Cherry Trail Z8700 max, and the Ram is be 8 Gb.*It has two cameras (5 mpx mpx the front resembles the main one and 2 are of a high capacity Notebook.*The battery is a 32300 mAh.

Operating system:*Windows10 & Android5.1 Dual OS
Display:*11.6 Inch 1920*1080 IPS Retina capacitive touch screen,*supports active stylus
CPU:*14nm*Intel Cherry-Trail T4 Z8500 64Bit Quad Core 2.24GHz max
GPU:*Intel HD*Gen8*Graphics 12EU
Storage:*4GB*LPDDR3*RAM + 64GB eMMC ROM, TF card 64GB max
Cameras:*Front 2.0MP + Rear 5.0MP OV Lens with AF
Functions:*Support Bluetooth 4.0/WiFi/OTG/HDMI/WiDi/USB 3.0 port

Top 1 Teclast X80HD 

We conclude our ranking with the Teclast X80hd , probably not the best in terms of efficiency (listed above), but a great value for your money.*We talk about an 8 inch Tablet with dual OS (Android and Windows 10 4.4),*Intel HD Graphics processor with 2 Gb Ram and Rom Gen7, expandable up to 32 Gb.*The front camera (lacks a tiny bit) with 0.3 megapixel camera, while the rear has 2 Mpx resolution.
Check its highlights:
Android 4.4 + Windows 8.1
8.0inch 1280*800 pixel
Intel Bay Trail-T Z3735, 1.83GHz Max Frequency
2GB RAM and 32GB ROM
Front 0.3MP Rear and 2.0MP Dual Camera
support Wifi/OTG/HDMI/Bluetooth/WiDi functions

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