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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tronsmart Vega S95 Frequently Asked Questions

Tronsmart Vega S95 just released, we make this tread, so we can collect people's FAQ,and give answers to help other new comers.

This topic will be sticky and we will update the list all the time. Here we go:

1 What's the difference between your three models, pro, meta, telos?
basically, the hardware is different in this 3 models, we have a chart to show the difference:

So the Telos is the most powerful , with the biggest ram and storage, best wifi, also SATA interface; The pro is the most affordable model, if you just want a good media player, pro also is good. All of the three models coming with gigabit ethernet. and software function is the same. you can read the S95 highlight here:

2 Tell me something about pre-installed Kodi?
This time we work with Vidon( to bring you the best KODI performance in vega s95. Please don't uninstall our pre-installed vidon xbmc, and install other kodi version,it won't work well with our device! The built-in version is 14.2 and has been optimized for our device. We will work with vidon to bring latest version of kodi, but it must be optimized for vega s95. and this version won't work in other s905 device!

If you read the website, you will find they have the vidon xbmc pro and need to pay $15/ year to get the full function, PLEASE NOTE,WE HAVE AGREEMENT WITH VIDON, IF YOU BUY THE VEGA S95, YOU DON'T NEED TO PAY THE EXTRA MONEY TO GET THE PRO VERSION, ALL FUNCTION ARE OPENED TO TRONSMART USERS.

For example, if you want to use the HD audio passthrough or want to have the BD-J Navigation menu, you just need to register on vidon site here:

and then login in xbmc when you see this:

just need one time login, and you have lifetime vidon xbmc pro version, and enjoy the hd audio passthrough and BD-J navigation.

3 Why vega s95 telos can't read my SATA?
Please note, because SATA hard driver don't support hot-plug/hot-unplug, so in order to protect your hard drivers, we make a switch in setting, make sure you open the SATA setting, and then connect your SATA device.

4 Can you use the IR remote control in the package to power on / off vega s95?
Yes! Vega S95 have another MCU processor to support this function.

5 Does your Tronsmart TSM01 air mouse and G01 game controller can work well with Vega s95?

6 How to use your android smartphone to control the vega s95?
First you should make sure to turn on the remote function in vega s95, go to settings, choose remote:

and then turn on the remote function:

Now turn on your android smartphone, and slide load the following apk:

install this apk in your smartphone, and make sure your smartphone and vega s95 in same network (connect to same wifi ssid), and run the remote control app in your smartphone. It will find your vega s95 ip, just tap and connect.
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