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Monday, January 18, 2016

[ROM] [DEV] Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 MIUI 7 - 5.0.2 (6.1.11) Global EU Rom flash with SP Flash Tool

I have good news for you. You can Flash Rom with SP Flash Tool.
Unofficial Redmi Note 3 Multilanguage Rom MIUI 7 [6.1.11] based on Android 5.0.2.

Included Google Play, No Bloatware and No Chinese Apps. Best MultiRom at this Time.

No OTA updates for custom roms on LOCKED device
Language included in our MIUIv7:
  • English (,
  • Chinese (Xiaomi,
  • Polish (Acid,
  • Slovak (ingbrzy,
  • Czech (kynio,
  • Bulgarian (MIUI.BG)
  • French (cpasmoi, MiFrance)
  • Russian (
  • Croatian (Masva, MIUI Adria)
  • Vietnamese (Belmont-Gabriel)
  • Italian (
  • Greek (Xiaomi-Miui Hellas TEAM)
  • Norwegian (datagutt,
  • Dutch (cueie, mannyribo, redmaner)
  • Spanish (rpperezr and spanish users)
  • Turkish (Celaleddin, ekilciler)
  • Brazilian-Portuguese (MIUIBrasil,
  • Portuguese (KcNirvana)
  • Macedonian (FYROM)(thenewmaker)
  • Serbian (BalcanGSM, dudjaa, petar, perga, Daconi, MASVA)
  • Hebrew (Kkffiirr, Eliran0216)
  • Romanian (ygorigor)
  • German (muhamed89, cp82, dahool2016, and more)
  • Catalan (deivids84)

All credits go to igorphoenix from

This was Postet by Showman on

Bevor you use this Tool install 
VCOM Driver MTK v1.0.14.exe MTK Drivers

Use SP Flash tool from the ZIP.
Go to Download tab.
Choose Download agent - DA_SWSEC.bin from SP Flash folder.
Choose Scatter - MT6795_Android_scatter.txt from images folder
And finally and very important - UNCHECK preloader  (if don't - you are going to brick RMN3)
Then flash as usual with SP Flash:
Select Download Only option.
Press Download button.
Turn off RMN3.
Press only vol down button on RMN3 and plug USB cable immediately. Keep button pressed.
See the red bar in SP Flash. Now you can leave the button.
See the yellow bar in SP Flash - that means flashing is started, wait until progress is 100% and window with green check mark appear. Flashing is done.
Now disconnect USB cable, close the SP Flash and turn on RMN3. First start may take up to 10 minutes.


I flashed over official chinese DEV ROM 6.1.11 without issues. Works fine for me.       
Here is a link for 6.1.11 ROM for SP Flash Tool!XUwT0QbD!BlZWwKjRekkwYaPZakF-0dLfrXSR5hWlA6VRXPDTTVA
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