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Friday, February 26, 2016

Makibes F69 First Release, better than Apple watch?

As you know, smart watches have become more and more popular, especially for those sports player. Nowadays, we Geekbuying highly recommend Makibes F69 smart watch which has many main adventures than other sports watch. 

Makibes F69 VS Other Smart Watch
Screen: Circular Screen VS Semi-circular Screen
Heart Rate Monitor: Dual mode real time heart rate monitoring with Alert VS Single mode & Click to test
Pedometer: Auto-recognize the (running&walking)status & more precise calculation VS Unable to recognize the status
Swimming Mode: 
4 swimming modes for sports monitoring vs No support
Standby Time: Up to 6 Days VS 1-2 Days
Waterproof standard: IP68 VS IP67 or lower

Check Makibes F69 Video review:

Check Makibes F69 Smart watch highlights:
Always can see the time:*The screen is always light on, you can get time easily without doing anything;*No afraid of sunlight, it shows better display effect under the sunlight.
2 kinds of heart rate tracker:*Healthy heart rate mode and sport heart rate mode, test your heart rate in different situation, more professional and more accurate.
Swimming mode:*identify strokes,*swing arm and calorie*consumption*of*four*styles:*freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly, and then calculate the related data.*
Waterproof rating:*IP68*professional waterproof
Pedometer / Sleep monitoring / Sedentary reminder:*Your private management expert
Monitor daily movement, track sleep and remind you to have a rest
Call / SMS reminder:*When calls or messages come, it will remind you with vibration.
Information push:*Can push Twitter, Facebook, Wechat information, you can easily communicate with your friends.
Note:*iOS phones do not support Message Reminder function.

Have you made a deep impression about Makibes F69 smart watch? It can support IP68 waterproof function, and it will be your best partner to monitor your sleep state, body state. Meanwhile, it can support call reminder which means when someone call or messge to you, it will remind you smartly. Most importantly, it only sells at $49.99. So first come, first serve.

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