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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Meizu Pro 6 is coming with force touch function

wOW, Meizu will release the new model, Meizu Pro 6 smartphone after the last model, Meizu Pro 5, Meizu has leaked the screenshot about Meizu Pro 6 which will have force touch display. Force touch is going to be the next big feature on Meizu it seem, and to show us what we will be able to do with the feature a screenshot has been released.
The screen shot simply shows us that we are able to push down on an icon to open up options directly from the home screen of Flyme.
It’s unclear what other options the pressure sensitive display might offer to the user, but we can guess that there will be some sort of scale app built-in, and perhaps knuckle gestures too. 
So what do you think of Meizu Pro 6 smartphone ? When will it be released? 

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