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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

VR ultimate guide to the choose and buy: introduction, advanced and high-end

Read the VR if you return to the 1990 s, you will find the word meaning is quite wide: from the movie "genius cut remainings stimulation system of virtual space, to the 3 d model of a computer screen. Development to today, however, VR is straightforward: in addition to the specific situation, it is equivalent to in VR head-mounted device you see everything.

However, with VR head-mounted device sale, their differences are gradually revealed. Want to obtain, only primer, advanced and high-end three categories can be. Borrow the simplest tool to experience the VR? Or the pursuit of the best experience? Or is it the middle? The following reference guide for you to clarify the key points of choose and buy.

This paper compiled from The Verge, The original title of "The ULTIMATE VR HEADSET BUYER 'S GUIDE" , reprint must indicate The article and The original links.

Introductory article

1, The design and material

A convex lens, a piece of cardboard and a ACTS as a screen of smartphones, the most simple VR is made. We will call this kind of glasses boxes, Google more Cardboard, but this idea in the Google had existed before, just Google your Cardboard suit is the most famous. Although not all entry-level equipment imitation of Google, but compatibility with Cardboard. This means that no matter in the android or iOS, they all can be used and VR applications is tie-in.

(Method is simple, interesting and cheap Google Cardboard)

The equipment made of plastic or aluminum, buy also convenient. But experience is limited, can only see the panoramic video. Due to the obvious discomfort makes it impossible to wear for a long time, Google simply ban with headband in the Cardboard design thinking. And Mattel issued the View - Master plastic feeling stronger, one could see up to 5 minutes.

(Don't too persistent View - Master, only five minutes at a time)

2, The upfront costs

If you often take summit of science and technology, and living in a big city, get a free Google Cardboard will not be difficult. Many of Google's partners or distributors can production equipment, such as Verizon will Star Wars edition of Cardboard. You can also buy the convex lens and cardboard to Google's website to download the template of DIY. In Google website, a pair of Cardboard pricing is $15, but you can also find the Cardboard substitute - like Dodocase and Knox Labs, etc. Convex lens and personalized or special material of the price will be higher, but the total price at around $20 to 30 more.

3, Subsequent costs

If you are too lazy to upgrade equipment and smart phones, choose Google Cardboard. As long as Google update iOS version of Cardboard, the iPhone user experience also can't bad. However, apple not value of VR, the iPhone like Gear VR have good experience? Is unknown.

4, What occupy a space

Not all types of Google Cardboard type equipment is easy to carry, but the light is still Google Cardboard. Cardboard can be easily disassembled into receive a case, the smallest and glasses. Too tiny Cardboard equipment will reduce the comfort, immersive have also been affected.

5, The controller

As a good compatibility of Cardboard, input interface is a must. Is not to say don't want to have a button, after all equipment is cardboard lenses, let a person feel they can touch screen, add button but did not feel. So, most of the Cardboard selection menu mode, or use the simple action of slow switching. Some Cardboard app will be one you can be selected on the menu to a second or two, or shake your head to change the direction of the game.

6, To buy

The most simple VR equipment not only the lowest price, the most widely use scope also. More than ten kind of Cardboard are Google website sales, a senior money also like the View - Master Cardboard has been sale. Although the Cardboard head-mounted equipment service life is short, but the replacement is very convenient.

In addition, the Cardboard adaptation app, although it experience in general, can be seen everywhere. Vrse Jaunt, Ryot, IM360 support VR video, many independent app and in power. Cardboard now support Youtube video library with VR panoramic video playback, domestic TV experience VR is not just a dream.

Advanced article

1, The design and material

Compared with Google Cardboard, more advanced device choice. Following from Cardboard looks like intelligence, but these phones powered equipment, coupled with the capture of sensors, more complex the built-in control system, the focus of the gear even screen. In this class is the most famous and most complex head-mounted device, should be the Gear of the samsung VR, Zeiss VR and French Homido also is pretty good.

Unlike the discretion of the market to two extremes, advanced product quality and characteristics of the difference is very big. Gear VR ran in front of the obviously, LG 360 VR there are problems on design and latency, Homido and Zeiss design is more like a high-end Google Cardboard.

(Design chic LG 360 VR, but from the Gear VR also sent a piece)

2, Upfront costs
If you want to buy a headband VR devices, would cost $75 to $125. For Gear VR, premium is spent on software optimization, the control system (better than Cardboard) and more on the app store. However, with VR One or Homido is a bit isn't worth the price, after all, they are more like Cardboard. Might as well expect the LG 360 vr (still on the stage of confidentiality), and Google may join a spoiler.

As long as the timing is good, free Gear VR is not tickler: sometimes samsung opens to booking a new chance to throw in Gear VR, Best Buy also had bundling.

3, Subsequent costs

If you just want to get a mobile phone, that of VR is worthwhile. Gear VR and LG 360 VR can only with the latest flagship samsung and LG mobile phone adapter. If Google unveiled a Cardboard head-mounted device, probably it would only be compatible with a specific mobile phone, like the Nexus series.

(Gear VR and 360 VR: into the VR is approximately equal to change cellular phone, way of thinking)

4, Allow range

Advanced device's position, in fact, some embarrassment. They are easy to carry, than Google Cardboard wearing comfortable, more immersive. Solution bundled line is a problem, but the Gear VR has solved this. Compared with Cardboard, their interaction is the advantage of comfortable, move quickly, but a slight motion sickness comes. If you want to reduce the discomfort, must use location tracking technology, space information of induction to the head, rather than just direction.

The VR do this now, we still need external camera to cooperate. In the future, VR devices can use mobile phone's built-in camera to locate, but not on the market which can do this. Is Google? It is difficult.

5, Control system

Most advanced device have control system. But Homido or Zeiss VR One is not, after all, only high-end Cardboard. LG's VR set up two simple button, Gear VR the most exquisitely complex control system, and the equipped with a touchpad. Though not perfect, it has been integrated with several input methods, such as sliding screen, touch screen or the "back" button.

In technology, equipment, can be with most of bluetooth mobile phone handle pairing, and control system for it. But experience heavy not smooth, but also increase the burden to carry.

(No Zeiss VR One control system)

6, To buy

As the first VR consumer product, as long as survived the first hot period, then want to buy Gear VR is easy. Like the Zeiss VR One is sale. However, still need to wait for other equipment: LG hasn't released release time, Google the product.

In the existing selection, Gear VR is only a Cardboard class equipment. Relatively complicated control design enables it to rein in hundreds of games and applications, video software Jaunt and VRSE on Google Cardboard and Gear VR can see, samsung development Milk VR app also provides more video, such as VR TV drama Gone.

Although Gear VR are groped in the game, but the Oculus and samsung with the focus on this, other VR players, there is no this kind of drive. These VR slightly more expensive in the mobile game, the game is not difficult to accept but five to ten dollars.

High-end article

1, The design and material

In fact, a smartphone is unable to have the best experience of VR. Oculus Rift, steam and HTC Vive and SONY PlayStation VR - these three high-end goods will have an external computer processor or game controller, in order to provide the following functions: motion capture, high-resolution screen, and the best quality, wearing more comfortable, better immersive, also not prone to motion sickness. But later this year, the three devices can compete. For early adopters, the price is still expensive, object-oriented developers.

(Admiral Oculus Rift, wear is another world)

2, Upfront costs

No matter from which standards, high-end equipment is expensive. Look at the Oculus Rift, priced at $599, the motion controller of form a complete set price has not yet been published. HTC Vive sell for 799 dollars, SONY PlayStation VR still know nothing. It is interesting to note that the Rift and Vive price forecast and actual far - the former is undervalued, the latter is overvalued. So guess PSVR significance is not big, but must still want a few hundred dollars. In addition to the basic configuration, but also can upgrade to the PS4 quality of form a complete set of equipment. These parts will certainly late on, but the time was in a nobody.

3, Subsequent costs

Not all people are worthy of high-end VR computer equipment. They can also play some VR games, look at the video, but can't reach in Rift or Vive recommended parameters. Movie or video clips and wild game players, computer just murdered these people. So I want to have perfect experience, spending $1000 to buy a new host is true.

If the VR devices and PC bundled to sell, you may spend less. As for PlayStation VR, this item is much more simple, have PlayStation4 console.

(Sales target of 1 million HTC Vive)

4, Allow range

Wearing a walking around, this is one of the advantages of high-end VR devices. To do this, Oculus or Sony to equipment with LED lights or other suite, with external camera tracking them. This kind of position tracking method is very effective, but can you walk distance, depends on the camera to capture the size of the space. PSVR can already let you literally bent over, squat, or walking around. And in Rift in multiple cameras tracking, with the help of a few steps to make you in any direction.

In contrast, HTC Vive using laser tracking system, can let you in 15 X 15 feet of any move in the space. This is existing in the camera, can give to the largest free space. When you are close to the wall, monitoring system will open the camera, project the real situation in the virtual scene as a reminder.

In addition to preparation in the clearing, this means that has a high performance computer. However, Vive can run in the narrow space, so the house is a little crowded, buy it.

5, Control system

Form a complete set of high-end head-mounted device perform better on video games, Oculus Rift and PSVR will be frequently used game controllers. Oculus Rift can be compatible with the Xbox One control system and the PS4 PSVR sometimes call control system. But really distinguish these high-end goods, is a powerful movement control system, playing a VR ping-pong or 3 d drawing.

In this respect, SONY has launched the motion capture PSMove, handle PS4 games also have tracking camera connection. In Rift and Vive are using their own control system, the quality is similar. But the delivery time is a problem: in Rift control system must be in the equipment after shipment, and Vive only use HTC and Vavle system, is not compatible with any of the traditional game handle.

(Once hope PS4, now looking forward to the PlayStation VR)

6, To buy

Important month of high-end VR equipment in April. Oculus Rift will begin at the end of march delivery, HTC is followed, high-end market the first shot fired.

However, many people may will get money this summer. On the one hand, the Oculus is a serious shortage of Rift has, began to delay delivery, order now for delivery in July, the booking on PCS version of early may. Vive booking at first, on the other hand, the inventory is not yet clear. Even if land store, don't expect.

If you look in the PSVR, front took longer. Sony mentioned PSVR at GDC meeting may be released in the autumn, some wait. Last year SONY sold about 17 game, also have the free game bundled with the device on the market, such as the sale with the Rift Lucky 's by Tate, and booking will present EVE: Valkyrie. While pre Vive users can play to Tilt Brush, Fantastic Contraption and Job Simulator.

It is interesting to note that each for how much it costs, whether to buy a VR games are coy.

Unless you want to do the first person to eat crab (may also be suckers), wait for a period of time may be the best choice. Oculus and Valve are to prepare for the Rift and Vive follow-up products, but still need to be officially released a lot of time. New product also must have a lot of bugs, especially the Oculus Rift, control handle the delivery issue, such as the latter part of this experience will be better. If you are willing to wait, these a few supporting hardware will reduce the price.


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