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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Wearable Device Super Deal To win up to 20usd coupon

Wearable devices become more popular recently, right now you can enjoy the best price for wearable devices like smart watch, smart bands, smart bracelets, etc. You can not only enjoy the big discounts, but also the large coupon for Zeblaze Cosmo smart watch such as 20usd, 15usd, 5 usd, etc.

Just check the following rules about how to get the coupon :
Activity Date: 2016.3.24—2015.4.5

All participants will get a coupon with different amount ($20, $10, or $5) for Zeblaze Cosmo smart watch

All participants must sign in before playing the game.Each participant is entitled to play for once only.

The coupon will be sent to your login E-mail, please make sure it is valid.

The coupon you received can be used only once.All rights reserved by GeekBuying.

The coupon code is valida in 48 hours. Pls use it as soon as possible.
Check the Wearable Device Super Deal now.

Therefore, are you ready to catch one nice wearable device from us?
Which one will you be interested in most? We highly recommend Haier G6 Smart watch, Makibes F69, Tencent QQ Watch, etc.
Are you ready to seize the chance? Let’s do it.

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