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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

10usd coupon for Virtoba X5 VR Headset IPD Immersive VR Device

VR means Virtual reality as it's known to all.  It becomes more popular since the MWC 2016. The brand like Samsung, HTC, Google ,etc enjoys great reputation among the users. Right now i will introduce Virtoba X5 vr headset for you, which enjoys the nice performance and great coupon for you.
10usd coupon code: 10VRX5

Check Virtoba X5 main features:
What is Virtoba X5 used for?
· To stimulate a private cinema for you to lie down at home and watching IMAX 3D movies(Hollywood, Japan movies, etc); stretch yourself to wherever you want; realize the scenes of Mars, the Imperial Palace, Beach, Jurassic Pack without walking out; experience the exciting games of roller Coaster, Real CS, Pendule, etc.
Total Immersion 120°Large FOV 
· Using the imported PMMA materials from Japan, 35mm focal distance, 120° large FOV , which is closer to the human  visual angle , ensure immersive reality.
Using PET materials in Sheet Molding Technology 
· Simulating a much more real scene
· Diaphragm is the core of earphone, being essential to the sound quality. For better effects, phonics engineers are always hunting for diaphragm with lighter, tougher, better transferring factors. 
IPD/Focus  Adjustment
· Cater for the needs of 0°- 800° myopia and 0°- 400°hyperopia; adandon your  glasses, adjust the focal distance accordingly.
 PD(Fringe, Blackout Adjustment)
· Instant wheel adjustment, synchronous move of the glasses. Newbie can also adjust the graphics easily. Fringes never appears and lower possibilities of blackout.
Flexible Headphone
· It is able to stretch former and backward, suitable to various head sizes and groups 
· Two kinds of headphones are filled with memory sponge, soft and comfortable, effective for reducing pressure against ears. 

According to the brief introduction of Virtoba X5 VR headset, do you have a good knowledge about it? Will you spend much money on Samsung, HTC, Google brands? And you can also enjoy 10usd coupon code: 10VRX5 from Geekbuying. Just enjoy the virtual reality with us together.

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