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Wednesday, April 20, 2016


CX-10D is the new product of Cheerson mini series and the upgraded version of CX-10. It is the first mini quadcopter that has altitude hold mode, one key landing & one key take-off. After receiving the sample, we reviewed the product. Let’s have a look.
Cheerson CX-10D appearance is very cool. It has 1S 3.7V 150mAh built-in lithium battery and its battery capacity is 50mah bigger than Cheerson CX-10. Accordingly, its flight time is nearly one minute more than CX-10. But unfortunately, CX-10D battery is also a built-in battery, which means it cannot be replaced and requires about 30 minutes waiting for a load cycle between flights. But comparing with other mini quadcopter, CX-10D has a nice flight time. Under the condition of fully charged, its flight time could reach up to 5 minutes.What’s worth mentioning, this nano rc quadcopoter has low-voltage alarming function. When battery is low, LED light will blink rapidly to remind us landing.
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                                                                Cheerson CX-10  VS   Cheerson CX-10D
The green one is Cheerson CX-10, the camouflage one is Cheerson CX-10D
1)    Battery & Takeoff weight
Cheerson CX-10D has 150mAh battery capacity, while CX-10 has 100mAh capacity. Obviously, CX-10D is heavier than CX-10. Under the same wind speed condition, CX-10D have better wind resistance ability and more stable flight.
CX-10 takeoff weight: 12.2g
CX-10D takeoff weight:14.9g
2)    Dimension
CX-10: 31.79mm(wheel base), 44.92mm (diagonal length)
CX-10D: 31.41mm(wheel base), 44.98mm (diagonal length)
There is not much different in size between CX-10 and CX-10D. But they do have difference in height. CX-10D is more solid and strong. Its shock absorber rubber pads makes landing more stable and increase drop resistance, wind resistance.
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3)    Tansmitter
From the appearance point of view, these two transmitters have the same appearance. Except that CX-10D’s color is more vivid. As for function, CX-10D changes trimming key into one key to land and one key to fly, while CX-10 has no one key to land and one key to fly function.
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Flight experience
1) Transmitter
CX-10D is equipped with a 2.4GHz transmitter which ensures the strong anti-jamming capability. Its max range could reach up to 25m. The transmitter is tiny enough to carry around, but it is also … a little too small. If you have large hands, it is not easy to use.
2) New features
One key to fly& One key to land
First you should turn the quadcopter on (the LED light will blink rapidly), then turn the transmitter on. Push the left throttle up, you will hear the beep sound and that means quacopter and transmitter match successfully.
Press the one key to fly button, the quadcopter will rising up to a certain height. Press the one key to land button, the quadcopter will land automatically.
Altitude Hold mode
The new “baroceptor” design ensures the quadcopter hold its altitude, which provides a huge convenience for beginners. Beginners just need to handle the direction stick. This mini quadcopter is the first mini quadcopter that has altitude hold mode. Although this function performs not that well compared with large drones, it’s still quite amazing considering its price and size.
Move and hold the stick in any direction, it will do flips smoothly and flexible.
                                                              BOX CONTENT
  • 1 x CX-10D Quadcopter (with 3.7V 150MAH Li Battery)
  • 1 x Transmitter
  • 4 x Spare Blades
  • 1 x USB Charging cable
  • 1 x Manual

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